ZTE- Tempting the Young with the Grand Memo Phablet

ZTE recently announced the release of their new Android device, the Grand Memo phablet. Your first reaction might be what is a phablet? Bridging the gap between a smartphone and a tablet, a phablet is a smartphone with a screen size between 5-7inches. While not quite small enough to simply be a Smartphone, phablets aren’t big enough to be tablets either. The hope is that this type of smartphone will appear to a younger generation of up and coming technology consumers.

zte2The Grand Memo offers quite an array of features including Wi-Fi, 4G, a 13-megapixel camera which is ready for 1080 HD video recording. With a screen size of 5.7 inches and 16GB of storage, there is just enough space to see visually and store data. The Grand Memo uses Mifavour technology, a custom UI designed to make the smartphone experience even more user-friendly. While the phone is expected to be in stores the second quarter of 2013, no word on pricing has been released as of yet.

However, the Grand Memo is not all ZTE has been working on. They also released information on the first device to use Mozilla Firefox OS. The ZTE Open is an open-source device, allowing users to customize as they please. Although minimal information has been release around the operating system, it is said to be a very simple OS that has nothing on the Android or iPhone operating systems yet. Release dates have not been specified yet.


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