Zero contact control, a thing of science fiction? Not anymore with Samsung’s Galaxy S4!

Samsung Galaxy S4 is generating huge waves with the release date so close, slated on March 14. Leaked videos and photographs are going viral with the kind of excitement surrounding the release of the phone! Raging debates, viewpoints and opinions about what the phone should and should not have are being published on major blogs and tech sites. What seems to be certain though is a new feature that will pick up brownie points for the S4, the Smart Scroll feature.

The amazing feature allows users to scroll up and down the screen by simply moving their eyes! If this is true, it is a path-breaking, revolutionary new feature far beyond the touch era! This is just one step beyond thought control. A new generation of man-machine interfacing, Smart Scroll is a fabulous new feature to have in a phone. With features like this the S4 promises to capture all phone markets within a few hours of its release!

s42Smart Scroll monitors a user’s eyes and takes appropriate action like flipping a page or loading more paragraphs or information. Users can also adjust acceleration of the scroll bar according to the speed they move their eyes. Another great offering by the S4 is Smart Pause that pauses a video if the users are distracted and looks away so that he or she does not miss anything and have to replay.

A mere heartbeat away from mind control of technology, Samsung has progressed by leaps and bounds, head-to-head with Apple. The world has witnessed a huge advancement in technology in just two decades of the first mobile phone being released!


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