YouTube update to the iOS app allows control of YouTube videos through the iPhone and iPad devices

The iOS app store is doing brilliantly well with better, inventive, fun apps hitting the store every hour. In addition to the new ones, existing apps are being updated with great new features so users can stick to one developer rather than download a host of apps with different subsets of features. The latest to receive a new update is the YouTube app for iOS.youtube2

With the new update, you can control videos as well as play them using your iPhone or iPad as a remote. This feature is not limited to Apple’s MacBook or PC screen. The featured update spans several companies like Google TV, PS3 and XBOX and will support more TVs like Sony, LG and Panasonic in the future. Some of the other nice features that have been added with this update are those sharing a Wi-Fi connection with you can also control videos on the current playlist. You can also record and upload videos to YouTube using a feature called YouTube Capture. A user can record videos that you open, add a caption and share your upload with the audience you want to have view it.

In addition to these enhancements, the update also fixed a bug where users could not view videos in full screen even though they selected the option to do so.  The app and the update encourage users to move to their Google accounts by using their Google+ profiles from their existing YouTube accounts. The update adds some interesting features users will certainly enjoy, controlling video playback on television with their iPhones.


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