YouTube Finally Shuts Down After 8 Years Of Operation

Google has finally announced that they will be shutting down their popular video service at midnight tonight. YouTube first began service in 2005 and after 8 years the company will now begin the selection process of finding the best video in the world. Every video uploaded since the start of service will be reviewed by the company’s staff of 30,000 technicians who will narrow this down for a panel to select the best video. The winner will be announced in 2023 when the site will be going live again and will only feature the winning video.

youtube april fools

The company announced in their YouTube video

“Thanks for all your great entries. YouTube finally has enough videos to begin selecting a winner. What do you think is the #bestvideo on YouTube?

We’ve been thrilled with all of the diverse, creative entries we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait to begin the process of selecting the best video. We’ll be announcing the winner in 10 years.”

The best video will be judged by film critics, YouTube celebrities and some of the most active commenters who will comprise the panel. With more than a hundred thousand videos up for review by the panel of judges, it’s going to take a long time debating on whether a video is good or not. This might probably be one of the main reasons why it’s going to take 10 years to announce a winner.

Any video has a chance of winning this contest. This isn’t a popularity contest where the most viewed video could easily win. This means that a one minute video clip of a cat sleeping has an equal chance of winning this contest as Gangnam Style.

The winner of the world’s best video will get an mp3 player that clips on your sleeve and a stipend of $500 which will be used on your next creative endeavor.

Remember, if you’ve been planning to view certain videos on YouTube you have until midnight tonight to do so before the site finally shuts down and reopens after ten years.

If you know what time of the year it is then you already know that this is an April Fools’ prank which the company has been celebrating for the past years.

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  1. Yhank you for the SPLENDID treasureyou CHOSE to be for all of us!! I am nearly 60 years old..I remember when hardware that would comprise my phone would fill two jet fighter hangers!!(yeah I have been around awhile) we’ve come SO FAR and YOUTUBE..has been so “NEAT-O!!” Thank you for giving us this gift!! I could never express what it means to me…AVE ATQUE VALE

  2. Don’t even kid around like that! I love my YouTube. You’d better not take my YouTube away from me! P.S. happy April Fools to you too!

  3. Wow……amazing story and plans. I am so happy to have been a benefited youtuber. From announcing my daughter praying speacking in tongues, to airing my first commercial, but nothing could get me through the tossing and turning like YOUTUBE…….THANK YOU!

  4. Bigfoot Life is exactly what You Tube was made for! It’s a whole series, nearly impossible to choose which episode is the best!

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