YouTube and Google Maps Rank First and Second in Apple’s App Store

Google Apps rank in top at App Store

[Photo Credit: iDownloadblog]

My grandmother is a stellar cook; she’s had 65 years to get good at cooking. Since she was 10 or 11 years old, she’s been learning how to cook food, come up with new recipes, and document the old ones for her family (to live in her absence). I once told her that she needed to document her world-famous recipes so that, should she die, her family would not be forced to eat grandpa’s cooking every night.

Although grandma is an excellent cook, she is also one who likes to brag about her cooking ability. She recalls being a teenager and cooking a stellar meal for her family. After the meal, she asked her father, “Didn’t I cook a good meal?,” a smile on her face. Her mother responded with the words, “Daughter, let others congratulate you; do not be so quick to praise your own work.” In other words, praise and commendation shine the brightest when given by others.

The same can be said for Google as of late. Although Facebook rules the day on Google’s Play Store, Google has ranked in the top two with its YouTube and Google Maps app on iOS at Apple’s App Store. Google Maps has always been a top app (as well as YouTube), but their high rank at the App Store is important with good reason.

YouTube has always been a great place to view music videos, artists, and famous events, but it has become even better in recent days. Only within the last few months have Gmail users been given an automatic YouTube login account. Integrating GMail and YouTube services has been a step in the right direction for Google. I discovered a few weeks ago on my iPhone 4S (prior to purchasing the iPhone 5) that the “upload to YouTube” function within iOS no longer operated thanks to the removal of YouTube integration from iOS. Google responded in marvelous fashion in its recent YouTube app update with the inclusion of its “Capture” camera application. The Capture camera application allows you to take pictures or record video, then upload them to YouTube right from within the Capture app itself. The Capture app also works to help you upload photos and videos you take within the iPhone’s camera app onto YouTube as well. The Capture application makes it all to easy to record video and take photos and post them to YouTube. I have found the process to be almost effortless.

Google Maps is one of the top map apps available on iOS at the moment. Although Google has been known for its outdoor maps, the company has also dabbled into indoor mapping and has produced some excellent indoor maps for viewing by way of its Maps app. Google has become such a top contender in indoor mapping that Apple’s recent WiFiSLAM purchase was Apple’s way of saying, “You’re ahead of us in the Maps game and we want to compete with you.” Remember when Apple removed YouTube as well as Google’s Maps app from within iOS? What was the reason for that? To make room for Apple’s own 3D Maps. Apple removed these from its OS in order to get iOS users to rely on Apple’s applications instead. What happened, however, is that Apple found out its 3D Maps were lacking and that it needed Google’s Maps in order to please its customers (who were not too happy with the 3D Map fumbles).

Google and Apple have a long history, stemming back to the time of Steve Jobs. Eric Schmidt, now at Google, was once an employee at the Apple Corporation. Immediately after he left Apple, he joined Google. Steve Jobs believed that Google and Android borrowed heavily from Apple and iOS, and he committed the remainder of his life to squashing Google at all costs. Steve Jobs is gone, but Google has risen to a place of prominence and respect among the world’s top companies. YouTube and Google Maps are nothing more than reminders that Google is more of a formidable foe than even Apple imagined.