YouTube adds send to TV feature on iOS devices

youGoogle has updated the YouTube iOS app with a ‘send to TV’ feature. From your iPhone or iPad, you can now press ‘send to TV’ when watching a movie, and it will pop up on your Google TV, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and other Smart TVs.

This new feature works through paired devices on the same WiFi connection, which means no Bluetooth pairing is needed. YouTube has updated the app on the Apps Store.

To put the video on your connected device, you have to go into the settings on the YouTube app, click ‘Pair YouTube TV’, then load the YouTube app on your connected TV or game console, go into the settings and click ‘Pair Device’, and then you can stream onto your connected device anytime.

Once you have paired devices, you will get a nine-digit code that you enter into the app, to start the stream. This is only for security purposes, we believe.

YouTube has had this feature on Google’s Android platform for a while now, but YouTube has only been on the iOS apps store since iOS6, when Apple decided to drop their native app.

While the new YouTube app did have problems, including the painful design flaws making it hard to watch all subscriptions, they have been adding updates to make these problems fade away.

You can pick up the new update, as we have said, on the iOS store today.

Via Lifehacker

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