Youth congress got a whole lot bigger with new game, “Government In Action”

Gaming has become more socially inclined. A case in point is the new Congress based game, “Government in Action” that teaches players the nuances of being a public servant and the art of being in high places. Devised by Muzzy Lane Software, the game tries to educate the voting community about how difficult it is to devise and pass legislation. The game offers a 3-D multiplayer offering.

gov2An interactive game, this is a practical technique for aspiring senators and legislators to understand and learn the process, and along the way, appreciate the system. Visual material has always been more effective than theory in textbooks and the game is a step further in effecting good understanding – An Interactive app that engages students as a game, making it challenging, fun and educational at the same time.

The aim of the game is to bring about political awareness, improve capital and gain approval for the legislative and administrative process of the Congress. Players are elected to the House of Representatives and remain members until the next election two years later. The game is actually a course for college and school students studying politics. Each player is assigned a random political affiliation and a congressman and has to working towards passing and sponsoring bills in favor of their constituency collaborate with national and local media to conciliate the respective lobbyists. Players go to the Supreme Court or meet the president. “Government In Action” can last a whole semester with as many as 18 players taking part and co-sponsoring and opposing bills and other decisions.

The game is available for iPad, Mac, Windows and android devices. Gaming has never been more exciting!


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