Yandex offers multi-language translation support with new update for the iOS app

Russia’s Google stand-in, Yandex, has added new features to its app for Apple’s iOS devices. The Yandex translate app now supports more language translation pairs between Russian and few other languages like Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Serbian, Bulgarian and English. The app is aiming to offer international support with more languages offered in each rollout.

yan2Yandex is not limited to Russian however. It has expanded operations to offer English to foreign language translation. Previously this was limited to English-Russian, English-Turkish and English-Ukrainian. Yandex’ update has drawn a bigger circle with the app now offering English-Spanish, English-Italian, English-French, English-German and English-Czech translations.  An impressive set of language pairs for any app to support. The application works by detecting the source of the language and offering real-time translations as the user keys in words in the source language. Another useful feature is the text to speech option to help users pronounce the translated version of the word, phrase or sentence correctly. The app requires an internet connection to function but stores translation history offline so that commonly used words are easily available.

With smart phones touching every corner of the world, translations apps makes it easier for users around the globe to understand technology and communicate with each other. Students pursuing a foreign language, globetrotters, and professionals on foreign assignments and people on holiday can all use this app for easy, clear communication, enough to enable them to get by in a new destination. With its new English based User Interface, Yandex hopes to offers its services to China, Israel, U.K and France.


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