Yahoo Mail Users Still Getting Hacked Despite Vulnerability Fixes

Is using Yahoo Mail still safe to use? This is a question a lot of users are asking as user accounts have been compromised as early as January. While Yahoo isn’t the only tech company attacked by hackers the ongoing issue that still prevails months after it was first reported is very concerning.

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As reported on The Next Web they said that they have seen spikes in Google searches for their stories relating to Yahoo Mail attacks. Yahoo users are also reporting that their accounts are being hacked.

The attack usually occurs when you receive an email from someone you know or sometimes from a complete stranger. The message will contain a link and once you click on the link your account will get hijacked.

Yahoo however reported that they have already fixed the vulnerabilities on their web mail service. The company said that “The XSS flaws reported to Yahoo! have been fixed and we continue to aggressively investigate reports of any email accounts exhibiting anomalous behavior. We’re committed to protecting our users and their data. We strongly urge our users to change their passwords frequently and to use unique, alphanumeric passwords for each online site they visit.”

While the flaw may be fixed users are still reporting their accounts are being hacked. This may mean that the fix wasn’t properly done or this may altogether be a different vulnerability that is being exploited.

Whatever the reason may be Yahoo should be looking closely into this matter as users of their mail service are exposed to hacking.

Yahoo Mail is a free email service managed by Yahoo and has more than 281 million users worldwide. It is currently the third largest email provider just behind Google and Microsoft. Despite providing free email for the past 15 years, having started in 1997, Google’s Gmail has overtaken them in terms of users and in features.

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4 Replies to “Yahoo Mail Users Still Getting Hacked Despite Vulnerability Fixes”

  1. Over the past two weeks I’ve gotten about 20 complaints from my users receiving these emails. Every single one has been from a yahoo address from someone they know. It’s not the result of phishing or the yahoo users mistake. In two of my cases the yahoo accounts we’re actually dormant expired yahoo accounts. Somehow authentication to send on the yahoo users behalf is happening.

  2. Barb,

    Yahoo does not charge $129 to fix your email, what number did you call?


  3. My Yahoo UK account was hacked yesterday and a spam message with a single link was sent to everyone that I have ever contacted (I know this as I got automatic replies from companies such as a bedding company that I had contacted regarding a delivery, but which was certainly not in my Contacts list). I hope Yahoo sorts this out soon as it has caused a lot of confusion for my friends and family.

  4. I found out today that my email has been hacked and called a support number I found on line. They want 129.00 to “fix” it and said they are unable to do so without payment. What is going on?? Who do I contact?? I feel like extortion is going on here.

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