Xperia Z – The Super Damage Resistant Smartphone from Sony

This multiple award winning Smartphone is no doubt a wonderful creation of Sony. Termed as the best Android phone ever, this 7.9 mm bodied super sleek phone has got a beautiful omniBalanced Design for comfortable grip.  Rounded around the edges in a symmetrical shape the phone is extremely durable and weighs 146 gms only. The 5 inch phone with its bright and sharp display might seem to be too much touch sensitive. But wonderfully engineered, this Smartphone is tough enough to face extreme situations.  The sturdy body of the phone is built straight from glass fiber polyamide which is an automobile metal part substitute, giving the phone a robust car body like frame. Besides the superbly dust-resistant phone has succeeded every test and also has scored high on International Protection (IP) rating by getting the IP55 and IP57 due to its supreme water resistance capability.  Immerse the phone in water for 30 minutes or run a jet of water on it, your phone will stay as new as always. With its edge to edge glass display, the Xperia Z is one strong phone covered with hard-wearing tempered glass guarded by anti-shatter film.

sony2Released on February 2013, this Android flagship phone runs on Snapdragon™ S4 Pro quad-core processor and uses the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS. Besides being a fast performer due to its 1.5GHz processor and 2048MB RAM, this phone is a real entertainer. Designed to be compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology enabled BRAVIA® TV and its Sony MH-EX300AP headset; you need nothing else to have a favorite pass time of your own. Apart from all these, the Sony Xperia Z brings on more luxury with its 13 mega pixel camera and High Definition (HD) quality video recording capability with reduced noise. With the phone already out there on the showroom stalls, Sony undoubtedly stands head high having this phone on their line.



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