Xperia Z grappling with the same passcode issue Apple and Samsung are facing

Xperia Z has joined the likes of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and Note 2 with a passcode bug that allows users to bypass the security code. Sony’s Xperia Z offers the least resistance to hacking and bypassing the passcode page when compared to the iPhone and Galaxy S3.

xp2A user can get past the security lock by simply keying in USSD code *#*#7378423#*#* in the phone’s emergency dialing pad. The USSD then opens up a sensors menu from where you can trigger the NFC diagnostic test for example. Once the test is complete, the phone gives you complete access to the HomeScreen by hitting the home button in the on-screen navigation bar. The company is having issues with its OS software and has been sharply criticized for overlooking the security bypass issue especially since Apple and Samsung have been grappling with the same problem for quite a while before the launch of the Xperia Z. Users are quite disappointed to encounter this issue on a very expensive Xperia Z  handset. Another problem bogging the company down is the sudden death issue many Xperia Z handsets have faced. Sony has been quick to release an update to tackle the problem but has been hit with another security flaw soon after the death issue was fixed.

Despite its software glitches and criticism, the phone still remains popular with its dust and water resistant capabilities and brilliant specs. Consumers are hoping that the company comes out with a fix to address the passcode issue soon.


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