XBOX music app update offers Smart DJ and Cloud Syncing options!

Microsoft has updated its XBOX music app to add a nice set of features. These include syncing your favorite songs with your local library on Microsoft’s Cloud service. This feature allows users to access their playlist from any Windows 8 or RT device. In addition, the rollout offers more options when the user plays an entire album. A trendy new Smart DJ feature tracks your favorites and creates a playlist out of those special songs, the music on the album can be shuffled or repeated with the new update and the enhancement offers an in-app volume button that you can use to control the volume rather than going through the settings option.

xb2Microsoft has worked on bundling music from three different sources – the local playlist, the cloud playlist and the music store it offers users. While this is by no means unique to the Windows OS, it is definitely an improvement to the app. The iTunes and Amazon versions offers  a much better interface, leaving Microsoft with a lot of catching up to do. Still, the app update covers basic functionality that a user would expect in a music app.

Microsoft’s app store is slowly catching up with iOS and android versions. Users are hoping for more updates to fine tune the XBOX music app to offer the same smooth interface as music apps in android, BlackBerry and iOS. The new update is however a step in the right direction for Microsoft to improve its store with fun new apps users will enjoy.

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