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Xbox Live Releases Its First Exclusive Feature-Length Film


The comedy film Pulp will premiere on the Xbox 360, making it the first ever Xbox Live film to be distributed on the video game console, a report from TechNewsWorld said.

The film will skip the usual DVD and theater releases, and instead be primarily distributed on the Xbox 360. This opens up the possibility that a lot of succeeding films will follow Pulp’s footsteps and allow themselves to be marketed by the video game console. It also pushed the video game console closer to being a full-fledged entertainment and media center.

This is not a surprising move for Microsoft’s game console, Venture Beat said. The company has been looking at expanding its profile to the realm of entertainment. Earlier, the company said that it is planning to boost its original video content.

In an effort push Xbox 360 to becoming an entertainment platform, Microsoft even hired former CBS TV executive Nancy Tellem to head the said project. The company also recently opened a new Los Angeles studio, which will reportedly be the headquarters of its original video content production.

According to reports, the primary consideration for Pulp’s decision to allow Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to feature them on their console is the high distribution costs of the usual avenues for marketing and promotion. Also, there is a risk in investing too much into a movie that apparently lacks in commercial appeal, reports said.

Although Pulp’s target market would be the younger generation who are still into comic books and superheroes, it doesn’t harm the production to try and see if Xbox 360 users will also warm up to the film.

Pulp stars mostly amateur actors and actresses, and could not possibly justify the high cost of promotion, marketing and distribution. But these reasons are perfect enough for the producers to allow Pulp to become the first-ever Xbox Live film.

Pulp, which is ready for distribution, will be available for those who own an Xbox 360 and a subscription to Xbox Live on Monday next week. However, the release of the said film in the US market will depend on its success in the United Kingdom, where it will first be featured.

All about Pulp

Pulp is a British comedy film that tackles the life of Tony Leary, a nice guy who is the owner of Junk Comics. Leary plans to launch his new superhero title, The Sodomizer, at the British International Comic Show. However, a competing comic company is found to have been using its name to launder money.

With no one to turn to, the police tapped Leary and his sidekicks, geeky Rick and Keith, to identify the culprits and bring them to justice. The culprits, known as the Geordie criminals, will do whatever it takes to stop Leary from his mission.

Based in Birminghan and Stoke-on-Trent in England, the film stars Jay Sutherland, Gavin Molloy, Simon Burbage, Lucy Cudden, John Thomson, Sarah Alexandra Marks and Neil Jennings. It was directed by Adam Hamdy and Shaun Magher, and written by Bode O’Toole.

AOL also has rights to distribute online videos based on this Xbox Live film.

Sources: TechNewsWorld and Wikipedia

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