Windows Blue only for Intel Haswell ultrabooks?

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If you have been waiting to know more about the upcoming update to Windows 8 operating system, here it is. The new Windows Blue is said to be tailored for the next generation Intel chip, the Haswell. The Haswell chip will be the next mainstream chip from the company which will be targeting a variety of performance satisfactions along with awesome battery life on mobile devices. And Windows Blue is going to help the chip achieve that. And Intel Haswell is expected to be out in June.

CNET writes, “Intel’s silicon-level Haswell technology will result in “the single largest generation-to-generation battery life improvement in Intel history,” according to a recent statement from Intel CEO Paul Otellni.” Microsoft is said to be working out a power model which will let the operating system adapt to a range of mobile devices with different performance output. This just means that the operating system will work as a mobile version of the actual one.

“You’ll be able to buy an ultrabook that’s as wickedly fast as you can imagine, faster than an Ivy Bridge PC. But with longer battery life,” the source said. “It will sleep longer [and] when you open the lid, your mail’s going to already be in sync. So, you’ll get the best of all of those worlds. And that’s work that’s coming in [Windows] Blue.”

And there will be a few flavors of the Haswell chip which will come with an improved stand by technology. This means that even when the device’s display is off and not in use, the device will be able to connect to the internet, pull all the emails and stuff, and keeps the device up to date, and all this keeping good care of the battery.

But the thing is, we do not know what devices will come with the Haswell processor just yet. So I guess we will just have to wait for the companies to give out more info.

Source: CNET

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