Wii U Sales Revealed By Wedbush To Be 80,000

Nintendo Wii U to Launch on October 18th

After listing only 57,000 in terms of units sold in the U.S. last January, the Wii U has not yet recovered in the market. According to CNET, a recent research conducted by a Wedbush analyst named Michael Pachter revealed that the game console only sold just around 80,000 units in the U.S. territory last February.

The 80,000 figure definitely pales in comparison to its competitors’ sales based on the report. The Playstation 3, which is an older generation console, scored 165,000 in U.S. sales in the second month of this year. Looking at the figures, the Wii U’s sales is a half less than the Sony console’s sales. However, a big difference can be seen if the Xbox 360 is included in the picture. The Microsoft console reportedly sold around 225,000 units last month which puts it on the topmost ranking of the so-called “Console Wars” again. This figure makes the Xbox 360 the most dominant console in the American soil for more than a year now.

It should be noted though that Pachter’s findings should not be taken as the final word because NPD is yet to release its February analysis later this week. But CNET says that the estimate of the Wedbush analyst may not be that far from NPD’s figures.

The weak performance of the Wii U in the market is attributed by Pachter to the impending release of the Playstation 4 and the rumored Xbox 720. Apparently, the upcoming consoles are viewed by many gamers as much more superior than the one offered by Nintendo so they are waiting for their respective releases instead of going immediately for the Wii U.

Is Nintendo in Trouble?

Due to the low sales of the Wii U, people can’t help but wonder if Nintendo’s new product is really in trouble. Famous game developers and publishers like Ubisoft even suggested that Nintendo should lower the price of its new generation console to increase its sales. Despite that, the people in the Nintendo management stood their ground that the Wii U will remain fine. In addition, the price that they are offering for it is the most reasonable right now so there’s no need for a price cut.

Personally, being a Nintendo fan since I was a kid, I was disheartened by the Wii U’s performance in the market last January. But I see a trickle of hope with the figures that were presented lately.

Again, in January, the Wii U only sold 57,000, but it became 80,000 in February, which means there was actually a gradual increase between the two months. This should somehow be considered a good news as compared to the Xbox 360’s decrease of approximately 56,000 in terms of sales from January to February.

However, it is really hard to say whether the Wii U sales can maintain its slow increase or not with the coming of the more powerful products from its major competitors. But I think that a price cut would definitely help boost the figures a lot.

Well, only time will tell if the Wii U eventually catches up or not.

Source: CNET

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