Wii U Price Cut Could Benefit Everyone According To Ubisoft

Nintendo Wii U to Launch on October 18th

Although Nintendo doesn’t see it yet, a Wii U price cut might make a difference in the low sales of the company’s newest game console which is lagging far behind its competitors—the Xbox 360 and the Sony Playstation 3.

According to a report by CNET, Ubisoft executive director for EMEA region Alain Corre said in an interview with Edge-Online that a price reduction for the Wii U means that more users will also be able to afford his company’s games. He said that software companies like Ubisoft “always” likes to see a hardware company cut down their product rates.

He added that eventually, Wii U will find its niche in the market. Corre also said that he is optimistic that Wii U’s sales will climb up in the future.

Launched in November, Nintendo’s new game console only recorded 57,000 unit sales in January, a far cry from the sales indicated by Sony’s Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. There are various speculations as to what went wrong with Wii U, but many believed that it was actually the price that led to the slow surge in sales.

So far, the Wii U is the most expensive game console that Nintendo came up with. The basic set is priced at $299.99 while the deluxe set sells for $349.99. The deluxe set includes a copy of Nintendo Land and some extra accessories.

Only Solution

Perhaps, the only solution left for Nintendo is to reduce the price of its Wii U, but Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata merely dismissed the suggestion of a Wii U price cut. He said that Nintendo has already offered the game console at a good price. He, however, apologized to shareholders. Iwata said that he takes full responsibility for not being able to come up with a significant sales record.

Another challenge awaits Nintendo though as both Sony and Microsoft are going to launch their new game consoles later this year. With Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 deeming Wii U insignificant in sales, the new game consoles from Microsoft and Sony might finally push Nintendo to cut down the Wii U’s price.

Good News for Wii U Owners

Those with the Wii U, however, only need to enjoy the game console for now. Users can also be excited by the new updates from Nintendo. According to the company, several updates for the game console will come up this year.

Nintendo has already issued a system software update for the Wii U. This will be the first of several planned updates in the coming months.

The company said that the updated firmware will add system stability performance and “other adjustments” that will supposedly enhance the user’s experience with Wii U.

The update will be worth 30MB of space in your drive though, so make sure you have enough space to accommodate the update. It does not include yet the speed update promised by Nintendo but perhaps that will come in the next batch of updates.

The problem though is even if Nintendo comes up with hundreds of updates to enhance the gaming experience of the game console’s user, it wouldn’t make much sense if only a hand few can enjoy the console because of the company’s insistence that they don’t need a Wii U price cut.

Source: CNET

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