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Why American Airlines Picked Samsung Tablets Over iPads

Galaxy-Tab-10.1AA-420x272The war of Samsung Vs Apple did not end when Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California Court awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages over patent infringement.  The market is the most potent battleground – especially the US market.  Samsung has already won the global market when it comes to tablets and smartphones – and it is poised to take over the US market.  Last fall, American Airlines, one of the largest corporate players, ordered 23,000 Samsung phablets – not iPads.

The company’s move is to equip its flight attendants with the 5.5 inch smartphone-tablet hybrid that provides quicker, convenient and reliable access to latest flight information, customer service info, orders and other information.  The Samsung Galaxy note was chosen over iPad mini for different reasons, but the most notable is that American airlines already has iPads in their cockpits.  Of the 33,000 tablets the company has, 17,000 are Galaxy Notes.  Another reason the company went for Samsung Galaxy Note IIs is because the manufacturer provides the ‘Samsung For Enterprise (SAFE)’ which adds an extra layer of security as well as management features to the phablets to make them the perfect devices for official use.

The Note IIs are also used to access a ton of other services and tools available for the attendants to check customer preferences, gate connections and serve customers better.  Their aircraft technicians use the Note II to troubleshoot and deal with any aircraft issues, making it one of the most useful small device the company could go for.

Why Samsung?

An iPad mini can be programmed to do all these things.  However, American Airlines chose Samsung and set aside a month to test the device and gather employee feedback.  Most users felt that Samsung best suited the company’s enterprise environment and the Note II is easier to customize to fit the company’s needs.

The SAFE feature, which provides added administrative features, facilitates the company’s device management and development.  According to Lisa Canada, Operations Technology Managing Director at American Airlines, the company’s priority is to is to make serving customers as user friendly and as simple as possible.

These are the reasons the company went for Samsung’s tablets rather than Apple’s iPads.

Via Business Insider

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