WhitePages goes the Android way, looks to launch new app Localicious on Apple’s rival OS

Companies are becoming more and more frustrated with Apple’s long, tiresome approval process for app launching. Their own schedules are often badly affected, without having a precise marketing plan to launch their apps. Companies that would rush to develop for iPhones and iPods are now looking at Android as the best platform to market their apps. WhitePages, a long standing Apple app development company has decided to launch its new app Localicious on Android before hitting Apple stores.

The reason for this move is Apple’s long approval system. Another one of WhitePages’ apps, a reverse phone look-up directory has been in stonewalled in Apple’s app approval process for over two months with no progress. Marketing this app is now hard for the Seattle based company since there is no notice from Apple about when the app will be evaluated and consequently released. The company has also launched a Caller ID app on Android once Apple refused to permit the app on the iTunes store. white2Android on the other hand makes it very easy for a company to plan a marketing strategy as it allows developers to release test versions of the app before the actual release. Users can sometimes take an app for a test run and report back about the performance. The only hard part about android is that the number of models across which an app needs to be tested is large, compared to Apple’s fewer iPhone, iPad and iPod models put together.

The Localicious app has been designed to help users search local listings by neighborhood rather than across geographies, even in the same town or city. The app stays abreast of the user’s requirement by offering tips based on locations around where an individual is checking in. A very good app to have for users constantly on the go. Perhaps Apple should take note of the fact that it is losing good applications because of its current tiresome approval process.

SOURCE: https://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-20079150-93/whitepages-goes-android-first-with-latest-app/