WhatsApp to roll out subscription based model for new users by the end of the year

Popular cross platform chat and group messaging app, WhatsApp, will now be subscription based for new users. Previously, the app was free for the first year of its use on Android and Windows mobile platforms. After the first year, users were asked to pay the download fee to continue using WhatsApp services. This will no longer be the case after 2013. New users will have to subscribe to the service annually to avail its features. The roll out will hit iOS users before any other platform. The subscription based service availability will only affect new users and not existing users.

what2The company has no plans to bring this popular chat app to desktop users. Even though users have often requested the developers to bring out a PC version, the company stands by its decision not to bring the app to desktops citing lack of mobility as the reason. The rationale is that the world is fast moving to mobile systems with smart phones, tablets and hybrids. There is no reason to bring WhatsApp to a dying breed of technology.

The app has rolled out a new APK that is in line with Android 4.0 ICS Holo Guidelines and offers a trendy, slick interface. The colors are more subtle and speech bubbles add to the flavor of the app. The fonts are clearer and done up while the image previews are larger than the previous version.

Lots happening in the world’s highest rated chat app!


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