What’s stopping Google self driving cars?

Google Self Driving Cars

There are various car manufacturing companies which are working on building a self driving car. There are many technology companies which are trying to come up with the next big technology to control these cars. Even Oxford University built its own self driving car, and that too to much success. These cars are able to perform well in their day to day activities. But there will always be some limit to the way technology works that makes human beings more advanced.

Anyway, we know about Google’s self driving cars. The search engine giant has been doing a lot of testing of these cars on state highways, and also inside cities where they will be most likely used. Everything with these cars is working fine, but there are a few problems which still need to be worked on by the company. Specifically for Google Cars, there are three problems.

One, these cars are not completely stable while driving on snow. Two, if these cars are driving in cities and there are some unexpected changes in the road, these cars are not able to acknowledge these changes. And three, if the traffic is being controlled by a human, the cars are not able to decode the signals that this traffic director is providing.

On snow, it becomes difficult for these cars to detect the lane markers. These lane markers are very important for these cars, because this is partly how they differentiate between lanes. And with snow, I am guessing that the cars will not be able to detect these markers because there is very less color difference between the snow and the lane markers.

Next, unexpected changes in the road do not show up instantly on the cars’ mapping systems. This becomes a problem in the real world. So the cars are getting lost and are not able to find an alternate route immediately. Next, since the traffic is being controlled by a human, the timing between the red and green signals is not proper and this messes up the brain of the cars.

Anyway, the search engine giant is working on this and will most probably come up with a solution soon. When these cars become affordable to us, we will be buying one for sure.

Source: Slash Gear

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