Wearable Robots Developed For The Physically Handicapped

There is new hope for the physically disabled as “Ekso” is being developed to become a wearable robot that can be a part of every home in the country, a report from CNN said.

The exoskeleton was developed by Ekso Bionics. It first started as a project for the military. But now, it is being developed by the company so that it can be a part of every home and can be used by paraplegics in their everyday lives. Those who are curious as to how this technology works can now find it in many rehabilitation centers and hospitals in the U.S.

Eythor Bender, Chief Executive Officer of Ekso Bionics, told CNN that the Ekso has been in development in the last decade. Funded by the same people behind GPS systems and the Internet, the company had a breakthrough in 2005 as they discovered a way to make the Ekso transfer all the human’s weight down to the ground. This, he added, is an important development because the person wearing the Ekso won’t have to carry the weight of the machine.

Powering the Ekso

There are four electric motors that work on the Ekso, Bender said. Most of the machines being used now by amputees only have one moving component. But Ekso wants to make life easier for these people, so it utilizes four moving components—two at the hips and two at the knees. It also has a battery pack on the back. Between the two batteries at the back is a computer that acts as the brain of the machine.

The Ekso was made in such a way that it will imitate a human’s bone structure. Then to recreate the nervous system, there are 15 sensors that powers this Ekso.

Ekso in the Future

Although wearable robots used to be a thing that is only found in fictional movies, Bender said that his company hopes the Ekso can help paraplegics live a fuller life. He said that it is a tool that people can use during recovery or rehabilitation. It is also something that paraplegics can wear instead of a prosthetic leg.

Eventually, Bender hopes that Ekso will find its way into the homes of those who are unable to walk. He said that his company has partnered with the best rehab centers in the world to find another tool, aside from the wheelchair, that can help paraplegics be mobile again. He said that the wheelchair has been around for more than 1,500 years. And up to now, the device is the single mobility tool that paraplegics have to depend on.

Empowering the Disabled

The science and technology reliant people have once again proven themselves as they are now capable of empowering those who have been deprived of their basic functions like walking. Soon enough, I am sure that there will also be a technology made for those who cannot see, hear or talk. Such innovation will allow people who became disabled in an accident to gain back their lives. Through these wearable robots, paraplegics would have a semblance again of a normal life based on the CNN report.

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Source: CNN

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