Want to Have 700+ Comics For Free?

Are you a dying hard fan of comic book? If the answer is yes, then you’ve reasons to be happy about. Marvel is offering almost 700 comic books including the earlier version of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, all for free.

Marvel has made a pretty amazing marketing stunt and promotional offer for all the fans out there. It’s been programmed to seek the attention of millions of fans to the digital collection of comics and read them on tablets or anywhere they want. Announced in Sunday, you can download the comic books up to Tuesday, which makes the availability pretty short but a great chance for the comic lovers. These digital comics can be hard for you to trace since there’s been a giveaway of 700 comic books. So, we made a guide to help you.

marvel2These comics won’t be available for long. That’s why you need to hurry up. You can easily go to their website and view them using your web browser. You can also download an Android app if you want to use smartphone or tablet to read it. Download the free app from the Android market, The Marvel Comics App or you can try “Marvel Comics Digital Comics Shop”. Both of these are free and can save your wallet a lot by allowing you to download your favorite comics for free.

Don’t wait for too long to wait for this opportunity. Hurry up and grab your digital copy as much as you can till the offer remains open.


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