Wahwah by Senzari Brings Brand New Music to iOS

wahwahThis goes out to every nerdy music lover out there. Yes, the phrase is an oxymoron but it makes sense in the minds of many. Someone out there must have heard about what this post is all about. What made every individual in Berlin feel superior whenever it came down to smartphone music players, what made every Berliner with an smartphone just much more ahead when it came to music? Unfortunately, most of you got it wrong. The reason is because of a little idea that German developers call Wahwah. Yeah, the name is about as popular as the development itself. Not so.

Anyway, the idea behind Wahwah is brilliant. What the app does is to give the individual the opportunity to enjoy numerous music tracks without having to endure massive bandwidth traffic. This is your wireless radio. Yes, that has been done but when it’s doing rounds in your smartphone you’ll feel the difference.

Let’s get down to the gory details of this apps move from Germany to the homepage of every iPhone owner in America. It all started with the subjective perspective that the music industry has had when it came to technology. Ever since the shenanigans of Napster way back when the industry had just come of age, it was a wish for anyone with a love for music and the slightest inkling of programing ability. So just because of this, Wahwah was unable to keep up and by last year it looked like they would close shop. With all the legal battles they would have faced there was no point in striding onwards. That was up until an angel by the name Senzari stepped in the scene.

What’s up with Senzari? This is an international internet radio provider that has become widely popular in Brazil, Spain, and the USA. Senzari was battling it out with another company known as Pandora and they needed something to give them the push to surpass the company. That “something” came in the form of a dying start-up. What did Wahwah have that no other start-up had? The idea behind Wahwah is very basic; music is social. People have stated that Wahwah made them feel like they were back in the day when walkmans had two adapters that allowed people to listen to the music together. That’s what Wahwah does. Create a playlist and with that the world can listen to what you were listening when you were at a particular place.

When Senzari took the helm they added a little something. Now not only can you listen to someone’s playlist at a particular location but you can also know what the other person was doing when listening to that playlist. The app has categories from cooking to running to walking. Just click on either one and you’ll see who was listening to what where while doing what. That is as simple as it gets.

The agreement between the developers of Wahwah and Senzari is an all-out 100% stock deal, however, the developers of Wahwah get to work with Senzari on further improving the app. That way no one loses a job and the name lives on. Unfortunately for us, the app is currently just for iPhones but maybe, just maybe things will get better and android and even Mozilla OS will get a piece of the action. Here’s to hoping.

Via The Next Web