Vine update to iOS app allows video embed in a web page!

Vine has announced that with its new update, users recording videos with the iOS version of the app will now be able to embed the videos on the web for public use. Interesting new feature provided by Vine. Once a video is recorded, two video styles can be adopted while publicly embedding the video on web pages – The “Simple” style will offer web users a borderless video clip for six seconds while the “Postcard” version of the video allows users to create an embedded video from a video’s URL. This style is very similar to the Vine videos on Twitter. Another new feature offered by a new update to the iOS version of the Vine app allows users to share videos using the “Share this post” option from other user posts and tweets on Facebook and twitter.

vin2Not all videos can be embedded and shared. For security reasons, if a video has not been shared outside Vine the embed option will not be enabled. There will be a few videos that cannot be embedded or are of future quality since the update is yet to offer seamless integration between the video to be embedded and the page to embed it in.

Interesting and useful new update by Vine to allow other users share funny moments, educational videos and other digital content by embedding this video in a web page so everyone can view it! Users will prefer the postcard style video embed already offered by twitter that users like so much!


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