Vine app update fixes bugs and addresses concerns over questionable content

Vine, the twitter app that was recently mired by the pornographic controversy, has issued a new update a few days after the incident where questionable material was posted on the site very shortly after the app’s release. The update seeks to redress bug fixes, interface modification and offers varied improvements. In addition, the update also seeks to monitor users downloading the app by setting an age bar and warning them of the possibility of watching explicit material. After the initial hiccup though, Vine seems to be running smoothly and has become popular among twitter users.

vine2The first improvement is that feeds do not refresh automatically when users return from a screen to the previous screen. Another feature is the provision to allow users to choose whether they want to follow the Editor’s Picks feed by configuring certain settings in their profiles. This new feature has come in after the porn fiasco. The Picks feed is where editors review and post the best videos on twitter, on the Vine app. Following this debacle, Apple stripped Vine from its place of honor among the apps in the App Store’s featured selection. With the new updates and fixes however, the app has been restored to its original spot after an age rating of 17 years and up was attached to the app. The app also warns users that they could encounter adult content in the Picks feed.

The new version of Vine runs on iOS 5.0 and above so it includes the iPhone4S and iPhone 5 devices.


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