Verizon’s Latest Update Of LG Intuition Causes Many Issues

Verizon recently pushed update 4.04 to their LG Intuition model (Optimus Vu) which was supposed to bring in several improvements. Not all updates are supposed to work the way they are meant to work as what was discovered by those who have tried it out. A lot of people have been reporting several issues just after they updated their device which includes app errors, inability to connect to the Play Store, and a whole lot more.

If you own the LG Intuition and haven’t updated your device yet then the best thing you could do right now is not to update your device.

Several people have voiced out their concern over at the Verizon forum regarding this issue.

I upgrade my LG Intuition VS 950 today and now I’m getting constant app failure notifications, Google Play won’t open, missing widgets, picture frame won’t let me select a folder.  Probably a lot more but haven’t played around with it too much.  Too many error messages.  Frustrated!  Please resolve.

I have two LG Intutions and had the same problem with both devices, not only did the upgrade stop some of the apps from working but it deleted the CAMERA and all the pictures, CONTACTS, and other apps on the phone aren’t even on the phone anymore. Google Play is not working and I’m unable to open up Gmail. Backup assistance is not working to retrieve anything and when i logged on to the verizon website to view the backed up data it was empty. This problem needs to be fixed immediately. VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!!!

Verizon hasn’t released any official statement yet regarding this issue however a tech support working for the company said that they have already contacted LG and are working to get this update corrected as soon as possible.

One subscriber who spoke to a Verizon representative said that a follow up update will be released this March 15.

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