Verizon Introduces a Social Gaming Platform For Android Phones

verizon gamingIt was recently revealed that US mobile telecommunications network Verizon will launch a social gaming software built into the smartphones that they sell. The platform that the portal will be running on is the ever popular Playphone.

The question that comes to mind when you find out about this is why didn’t Google think about it before? The answer might plague me a bit but I think it’s because Larry and Sergei were a bit too busy to notice that people used Android to do a lot more than just play Angry Birds. That’s not for me to discuss.

The truth of the matter is that anyone with a smartphone was, and still is, able to download the Playphone app from the Google playstore but Verizon did the imaginable.  Yes, the imaginable. The Verizon team felt that it would be easier for the phone to come with the app pre-installed so as to make it easier for the user to start it up as opposed to buying it from the playstore and fumbling from one screen to another just so that you can try and set it up.

However, it is a lot more advantageous for the guys at Playphone than for the guys at Verizon. That’s because what the Playphone will do is basically to install the software into all the Verizon Wireless smartphones. People might not want to move to Verizon just because of Playphone but no matter what happens Playphone will see more action with Verizon than it ever did see. Another reason that that is highly likely is due to the fact that any Verizon handset will be forced to take in the software. This will be done by software updates that will leave your device plagued by a platform that many might not even want to use. That’s why Verizon Wireless’ software tends to get referred to as “crapware”. They do these things to themselves….

Via Forbes

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