Verizon 4.0 update untethers message from the phone!

SMS users with a sore thumb will love this new app from Verizon.  The company has come up with an app that untethers your text messages from your smartphone and allows you to access your messages from anywhere – Tablet, laptop, phone or shared computer. You can send as well as receive text messages using this feature. Version 4.0 offers this new integrated messaging system. Any device that has web connectivity can sync messages from the carrier’s website and continue conversations or start a new message thread.

ver2Using one single phone number, a user can sync across various devices to keep a message thread going. Before users can avail this feature, the service needs to be activated on Verizon’s web site using the My Messaging Tab. Messages are then synced with the site to be made available on any iOS or android device connecting to this site from their browser. Most browsers are supported with seamless connectivity and syncing between the site and device running the browser. Customers can sync a maximum of 90 days of messages.

With this smart new feature from Verizon, users will no longer suffer painful thumbs and eye strain caused by operating small screen phones. Those sending a large number of SMS’s per day can leverage bigger QWERTY keyboards available on tablets and laptops. Users who need to reply urgently to a message can do so if their phones are powered down due to low battery.

Other features that come with the update include text signatures and configurable auto-replies to messages. The new app is available on android and iOS app stores.