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VEA Buddy Bluetooth watch joins smartwatch trend

The VEA Buddy Bluetooth watch is yet another device that joins the slew of smartwatches that are being released into the market lately.
On Indiegogo, the Marseille, France-based team behind the watch are asking for funding to help support the development of the device.


The VEA Buddy Bluetooth watch provides a secondary screen which comes with plenty of features.

For one, it gives the wearer an alert for an incoming call, and displays either the name or the number of the caller. Information on missed calls and received calls may also be shown. Through a Bluetooth connection, the user is also able to initiate calls from the smartwatch.

A notification is likewise displayed when the smartphone gets a new text, MMS, or e-mail message. The wearer has the option of showing the message on the display of the smartwatch, as well.

Facebook and Twitter notifications are also shown on the VEA Buddy, as well.

Alerts are given when a calendar event nears to allow the wearer time to prepare.

Even photos from the gallery on one’s smartphone can be displayed on the smartwatch screen.

Music playback may also be controlled via the smartwatch.

To update the device, one can simply connect the smartphone to a computer via a USB port on the watch.

Some may note some similarities with the VEA Buddy watch and the Pebble smartwatch, which also raised money for its development via crowdfunding. Pebble, for its part, raised money on Kickstarter, instead of on Indiegogo.

To date, VEA has been able to raise $78,830 out of its goal of $320,000. It still has more than a month to go before the Flexible Funding campaign ends.

Its basic package, which costs $99, was for early adopters, and is now sold out on the crowdfunding website. Interested supporters, however, may still pledge $150, which gets them 1 VEA Buddy Watch in black. $160 entitles them to a VEA Buddy Watch in red or white. Tech-savvy couples may opt to purchase the couple pack, which costs $230, and entitles them to a pair of the smartwatches in black, white, or red. The $1350 fan pack buys 10 watches, while the $12,000 distributor pack purchases a hundred units. The watches are expected to be delivered in June this year.

The VEA Buddy is said to be a breakout project for Indiegogo, which only opened internationally last December. Since the launch, Indiegogo started accepting funds not only in dollars, but also in euros and pound sterling.

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