Users required to reset Evernote password after recent hack attack

With hackers and malicious users becoming more audacious, online content apps need to be extremely careful with their servers and the kind of user content they are storing. Facebook, Apple and a host of other companies have been hacked into but none have reported any data missing or accessed. The latest to face the heat has been popular note taking app, Evernote that was hacked into very recently and the team at is going through its security with a fine-toothed comb to discover and close any loopholes.

The company was another to be seriously hacked as with the string of hack attacks that have hit major social networking sites like Google. The team at Evernote is now implementing a network-wide password reset to prevent future incidents along the same lines. The team has released the statement claiming that no data was lost nor was any account accessed. However user names, passwords and emails were lifted by the hack source. The one saving grace for Evernote was its foresight in encrypting passwords to make it harder for hackers to gain access into user accounts. Despite this precaution however, all users are required to reset their account passwords.

ever2Password reset can be done on or for Apple users; this can be achieved with the Evernote Hello iOS and Mac apps. All of these have received security updates following the hack incident.

Whether it is the same chain of hackers is yet to be determined, but attacking large companies like Facebook and Apple has left consumers worried about tons of digital content like photographs and videos uploaded to online user accounts and profiles. Evernote is the largest note and archive app that also contains confidential data. Companies are now taking utmost precautions to ensure hackers cannot secure unauthorized access to their systems and user data.


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