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Uncertainty Over Galaxy S4 Development at CyanogenMod

Samsung’s launch of their next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4 was a highly anticipated event – especially among the modders and individuals who were looking forward to a high end smartphone that they could put into better use by rooting and installing custom ROMs and other software.  The most popular Android custom ROM CyanogenMod is a group that most individuals who buy high performance smartphones look up to for software that unlock the potential of their hardware.  Yesterday, a group within CyanogenMod that specializes in developing custom ROMs and apps for Samsung devices Hacksung said that they may not be going to develop a ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4.

samsung Galaxy S4 cyanogenmod

This could be very disappointing to those who anticipated the octa-core powered smartphone with the sole purpose to unleash the beast within by installing custom software.  According to the group, the biggest issues with Samsung phones is the Exynos processors.  These processors apparently have some very ‘technical issues’ combined with Samsung’s policy of not playing so nice with independent developers which makes it very difficult to navigate around restrictions and obtain source codes.  In short, unless you are planning to buy the S4 and use it as it is, with official software, you may be in for a big disappointment.

That’s not all though.  In a response via Google+, the CyanogenMod team later pointed out that they ‘do not always mince words’ and ‘do not pre-announce support or the lack of it for devices’.  I am guessing that they are waiting to have a shot and find out how easy or hard it will be developing custom ROMs and software for the S4 before ruling out all possibilities.  CyanogenMod was acklowdging statements made by independent developers in expressing their reluctance to develop content for the S4 and went ahead to mention that there is still hope other developers may create software for the powerful smartphone set to come into the market late next month.

I guess what this means is that a few developers’ resolve not to develop content for the Galaxy S4 should not be taken as absolute, but still, it is such a bad start for a smartphone which has been on top of the highly anticipated gadgets for half a year.

You can read the entire statement on Google+ here 

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