Uchek: A New Medical App that Tests Urine for Issues

The Uchek presented by its developer.
The Uchek presented by its developer.

This year’s Technology, Education and Design Conference, commonly known as TED was held recently in Los Angles.

Great minds gathered during the event to show off their recent inventions that could possibly jumpstart a new trend which could possibly change the world. Among them was the SpaceTop 3D transparent computer that we featured earlier.

Basically, many products introduced during the event were either very innovative or awesome. However, some of them seemed to be rather unusual.

Among the things demonstrated in the conference that definitely caught the attention of the audience and the worldwide media is the urine app called Uchek. The Uchek urine app is a product of one of the great thinkers in TED in the person of Myshkin Ingawale.

According to the program developer, the aim of such tool is to detect the 25 major health issues with symptoms that usually show up in a person’s urine. It looks for anomalies in the 10 major elements that make up an individual’s liquid discharge like proteins, glucose and nitrites. Then, it uses the data gathered to come up with a diagnosis.

Among the diseases that the urine app can identify are diabetes, cancer, UTI, liver or kidney problems and others. Aside from the program’s disease detection features, it can also be used for monitoring of a person’s general well-being on a regular basis.

How Does It Work?

Okay, this is the million dollar question now. At first I was wondering how you can test urine using just a simple app. My wild imagination took me to a scenario that you will have to either pee on the phone or soak it in that foul liquid. Luckily, it’s none of the two.

To use it, all you need is a test strip together with a smartphone where the urine app is installed. Then, just dip the strip to your urine to get a sample. After that, use the camera of your smartphone to get a photo of the strip soaked in urine. From there, the liquid will be automatically analyzed by your device to determine whether you are suffering from a certain sickness or not.

One particular highlight of this tool is that it can study the photo regardless of the lighting on environmental effects that are present in the picture.

Its Compatibility

So far, the only device capable of running the Uchek urine app is the iPhone. But Ingawale is looking to develop a version for the Android too in order to make it available to many individuals.

Market Release

Based on BBC News, the urine app will be available for $20. Its release to the market is set on March. Another good thing about the application is that the price already includes a pad and around five test strips.

Source: BBC News