Ubuntu Touch OS Heading to an Array of Smartphones and Tablets

ubuntu touchRecently, Ubuntu released an OS for a couple of android devices such as the Google Nexus 4, 7, and 10. That makes the number of mobile OS in the market directly competing with android more by one. However, that’s not the end of the deal. What these guys want to do is develop an OS for everything from the LG that you mother has to the less than brilliant Huawei that you’re rocking. Yeah, that’s the plan but how are they going to get the market ripe for their serving?

The strategy here is something that we’ve all come across before (well, for those who keep up with my posts). According to Jono Bacon who is the Ubuntu Community Manager, the Ubuntu OS that is initially only available for the Nexus line will be easily portable to other devices. Yeah, what they offer is a chance to call your OS a free system. With Ubuntu you will be able to move from one device to the other without the fear of losing what you had in your initial device. So what they are doing is basically what Mozilla want to do. Make the open system an actual open system.

The guys at Canonical are also here to make the entire experience as magical as it can be. Yup, this time it will really feel like you first time, or so we hope. The plan is to develop a system that will give you a completely detailed and optimized smartphone experience and that same system should have functionality in your tablet, desktop, and even your TV. These guys mean business.

Canonical CEO has recently stated that the OS will be released in two major geographical markets in October without stating which markets he was talking about. Rumors have sparked that have the world assuming North America and Europe but we can only wait and see.

On top of that we have the issue of Google and Android basically owning the market and the great purge they have caused in the European market so Ubuntu will be highly welcomed by the big cheeses there. But that does not mean that the two aren’t looking to work together. What Android and Ubuntu are doing is creating an OS that makes your smartphone a genius. Yeah, we all remember that LG advert. Well, they were wrong, Ubuntu are right. Here is the chance to actually have a phone that isn’t just smart but a genius…

I can only tell you one thing. This is the beginning of an era. Go tell your friends and get the world prepared for what could be a technological revolution.