Ubuntu Touch daily driver to be released in a couple of weeks

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There are a lot of people in the tech world waiting to try their hands on the new Ubuntu Touch for smart phones and tablets. We already have a preview version of the Ubuntu Touch ROM for Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. But if you have used one, you will be aware of the fact that it is not ready to be your, or anybody’s daily driver. The operating system needs a lot of polishing, and a lot of apps just do not work on the preview ROM. Plus, some of the core apps are missing from the release.

All this is acceptable because this is a preview release. But as everyone knows, time flies by and not everyone in the tech world is patient enough to wait for one product. But enthusiasts do wait for what they want. For example, I work on Ubuntu every other day professionally, and I know its worth. So I am pretty much ready to get a stable commercial release of the mobile operating system no matter how long it is going to take (as long as the delay is acceptable).

But we already seem to have some good news. It is said that the final daily driver of the Ubuntu Touch for smart phones will be ready in about a couple of weeks, and this news comes directly from the founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth. We got this news from the interview that ZDNet had with Mark Shuttleworth. Phone Arena writes:

Shuttleworth really pushed Ubuntu as a solution for enterprise, saying it offers “full disk encryption for the enterprise and separately encryption of each user session, and… all of that can be tied into LDAP or Active Directory, so… this becomes the first truly secure tablet that can be used for military purposes, finance, medical — sensitive, compliance-intensive uses”.

Mark Shuttleworth also said that we can expect smart phones running Ubuntu Touch to be available in markets by January 2014, and tablets running Ubuntu Touch will be available by April 2014. At least, we get to try out the daily driver on our Nexus devices in a few weeks.

Source: Phone Arena

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