Awesome Zombie Apocalypse Games for Android

Zombie apocalypse games are becoming very popular and trendy these days because of their immense thrill and adventure. As mobile games are the most demanding and attractive features of handheld devices these days, these types of games are readily available in almost all the mobile platforms.  Zombie apocalypse games for Android are really popular among Smartphone users because of the smooth and enjoyable game plays.

So, we will take a look at two of the best zombie apocalypse games available in the Android platform:

1. Dead Trigger

[Photo Source: CNET]
[Photo Source: CNET]
Dead trigger is undoubtedly one of the best zombie apocalypse games available at the Google Play store. Developed by Madfinger, Dead Trigger provides you the best game play ever in the mobile environment. Multifarious maps, stunning graphics, appealing features, variety of maps and scenarios compel you to play this game again and again.

Zombie apocalypse survival is the theme of this top notch first person shooter where you have to stock weapons, survive the tough zombie attacks within the specified timelines and protect other people. Stunning maps like Deadly Corridors and Stadium of Dead are the paramount features of this zombie apocalypse game for Android.

If you are really looking for the best, addictive and fast zombie survival game for Android, Dead Trigger might be the best option for you which guarantees ever increasing magnetism and pleasure while playing.

2. Plight of the Zombie

[Photo Source: ApplenApps]
[Photo Source: ApplenApps]
Plight of the Zombie is another bewitching and enjoyable zombie apocalypse game based on a very distinctive idea. We think of a zombie apocalypse game and the idea of killing, gore and violence surfaces in our minds at once. But Plight of the Zombie focuses to satisfy the hunger of the undead for good rather than killing them.

In this game, you will direct zombies to their dinner in the form of meat or blood of animals strategically placed somewhere in the map so that the humans can get rid of them. This is a type of strategy game where you will face many hurdles while compelling the zombie to converge his attention on his dinner instead of humans. You can also use guns and other weapons if zombies try to attack the humans but this will deplete your score.

This one has attractive graphics and game play. The only thing that might disappoint many players is its loading time and lack of result-oriented game play (as most of the mobile games are supposed to be fast). But generally speaking, Plight of the Zombie will let you pass your time with immense pleasure and enjoyment.

Sources: CNET and Android Rundown

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