Twitter to offer Vevo content on its music app


It is now public that the world’s most popular micro blogging website, Twitter, is working on releasing a music app of its own, with as many partners in the mix as possible. We already know that the company has dealt with Sound Cloud to make the audio tracks available on iTunes from Sound Cloud. And all this work will be done by the newly acquired company, We Are Hunted. And to add more excitement to the mix, All Things D has reported that Twitter is working with Vevo as well to make the videos available on the new music app.

Vevo is very popular for its awesome high quality music videos from leading artists in the music and entertainment industry. These videos are freely available to watch on Vevo’s channel on YouTube. And these videos may soon be available on Twitter’s music app as well. According to the report, the two companies have already decided on a deal.

The new music app from Twitter will give the users recommendations based on the artists that they follow, and in unusual cases, based on the artists that follow the user. Also, the music app will be available to use for people even without a Twitter account, but the experience will be much better if you have a Twitter account. Slash Gear writes:

In addition to Vevo content, word also has it that SoundCloud audio will be available, as well as third-party content via iTunes. There will be a total of four tabs with the service, one called “Suggested” with recommendations, one called “#NowPlaying” with songs being listened to by followers, one called “Popular” with trends, and one called “Emerging” with those one the rise.

Are you excited about using this new music service? Pretty soon, there will be too many online music streaming services to choose from.

Source: Slash Gear

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