Twitter Mobile App Improves Search Feature

Twitter released new updates to its mobile app for the iOS and Android platform as well as on its mobile site this Wednesday. This is just one of the latest changes made in its month long update which includes improvements on web browsing, search, and autocomplete suggestions.

One of the most visible changes for the three platforms is the improved search results when you are looking for particular tweets. This works in tandem with the recently introduced feature of viewing older tweets. You will now be provided with a Top Tweet result on top of the search which Twitter feels closely matches your query.

The company has also launched several iOS specific updates which is aimed at their iPhone and iPad apps. Opening a link from your Twitter timeline will display the tweet below the website content. Tapping on the screen will make the tweet disappear from view. This makes it easier for you to share content such as a video link.

The autocomplete feature is also improved in iOS devices which bring in more suggestions on hashtag, username as well as topics. One particular improvement boost is on the autocomplete of topics which the company says now has a more real-time feel.

Aside from these obvious changes there are also other changes which work behind the scenes. You might not see them but the company has also included several bug fixes and enhancements to make the service better. You might not notice this but traditional Chinese support has also been added.

If you have a Twitter app installed in your device you can now update it from the Apple app Store or from Google Play.

Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that lets you send out messages in 140 characters at a time. The service was launched in March of 2006 and now boasts of more than 500 million active users worldwide.

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