Twitter app for Windows revamped

Twitter has reworked its Windows app to lure users back from alternatives like TweetCaster or Rowi. The new update has cleaned up the app’s interface in keeping with Windows new look. Simple, elegant, minimalistic yet text rich, Twitter’s new app has been revamped to beat the likes of Rowi, a neat third party alternate most users have on their phones.

tweet2The update brings with it several changes, completely changing the way the app looks and works. Information is loaded quicker, jumbled text options have been replaced with neat looking icon options for home, profile, discover and mention, the layout of the app interface is clean uncluttered. The icons improve the look of the app and provide swipe options for quick access to different menus. The updates add tile support to the app, a feature typical of Windows’ new OS version and notification display even when the screen is locked. The latter is a good addition since a user is notified of an incoming message or tweet even when he isn’t using the phone.

The universal tweet button is accessible from anywhere within the app and images load much faster than before the update. Another great feature added by the update is the provision to pin icons to your start screen. This lets to decide what your favorite features of the app are and pin those to your start screen for quick and easy access. You can pin profiles, lists and searches so you get everything you need at the touch of a single button without having to navigate a dozen pages and screens.

There are still a couple of features users would like to see and a few glitches as well, but overall the updated version of Twitter for Windows 7 is a good one with the new features and improvements to the interface.


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