TuneIn Unleashes New Features for Users


TuneIn fans will have more reasons to love this radio app with the launch of its three new features which will give its fans a more pleasurable listening experience. These new TuneIn features are Trending, Events and Live Tiles. All of these are currently available for the iPad and from the app’s official website. TuneIn officials say that these features will be available in other platforms within the year.

The key feature of TuneIn Live Tiles is that it allows the users to choose 8 out of the 99 genres that it has. These 8 genres will have their own tiles that, when activated, will search for radio stations all over the world playing that genre. Each tile will feature the songs in that genre that are being played in radios all over the world in real time. With this feature, music fanatics can listen in to a song that is being played in a radio station anywhere in the world whether it is in New York, London and even as far as the Philippines.

Trending allows users to check what the popular topics around the world. This means that people using the app can now check the latest happenings all over the world as they happen and when they happen. On the other hand, Events is a feature that allows enthusiasts to search for certain happenings that interests them such as sports and in-studio concerts. Once the user is able to search for a happening that he likes, Events will allow the user to set a reminder in his Google+ account. This means that the user will never miss out the event that he wants to listen to as he will be reminded through Google to log in to the show before it starts. Both TuneIn features seem to be alike. The difference is that the first caters to the individual needs of their users while the other is more focused on the popular interest of the masses.

According to TuneIn CEO John Donham, if only Trending was in operation a few weeks ago, then people would have been able to follow the events that unfolded during the big manhunt operation against former LAPD Christopher Dorner. Donham explained that people who became interested in the manhunt operation could have listened in to the Big Bear police scanner through TuneIn and they would have been updated with what was happening during the whole manhunt operation.

Its marketing director Ryan Polivka and director of product Kristin George said that with the launch of the three features, they are hoping to promote radio stations all over the world that would not have been heard by other across the globe without services such as TuneIn. Polivka expressed that they are hopeful that these new features will help the radio stations rake in an increase in their fan base.

TuneIn has been providing music lovers access to radio stations all over the world for more than 11 years and has amassed a total of 70,000 radio stations in their database. Music lovers around the world who has access to the Internet can enjoy the service of TuneIn for free on their website. This radio app can likewise be downloaded in iPad and other mobile platforms.

Source: CNN

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