Tumblr update 3.3 adds photoset feature and a new camera interface for iOS devices

Popular app Tumblr is undergoing a makeover with new version 3.3. The update adds interesting features to the app like integrated photoset capabilities and a new camera interface. There is not much variation in the original look and feel of the app and the changes are concentrated on the interface design for the iOS version of the app. The iOS variant allows users to toggle between the two cameras – front and back and enabling or disabling flash and grid view. The native iOS app does not have any app based or UI based control for Flash, a useful feature provided by the update for Tumblr.

tumblr2To better integrate the app with the site, the photoset feature allows users to select a bunch of images and add them directly to your post. To aid a user in creating photosets from their profile is a scrollable view of the image library also available with this update. Update 3.3 eliminates the need for another independent app to create Photosets and upload directly from your profile.

Other minor, yet useful features of the update are title fetching once you upload pictures to your profile for instant, easy sharing and users being able to view updates from Tumblr in real-time on their private dashboards.

Interesting new features by Tumblr in its new version, this update is currently for all devices running iOS. Any version of iOS and includes iPads, iPhones and iPods. Tumblr equipped with version 3.3 is now ready to take on newer apps like Instagram that is the current rage.

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