Transcend app to detect stress levels through brain levels

Smartphones are getting way smarter with new apps being created to communicate with users in unexpected, surprising and interesting ways. A new app has been created to monitor brain waves of a stressed individual and help them relax by meditation. Health benefits through a small, electronic device the size of a palm!

trans2The app called Transcend created by Personal Neuro Devices, a Canadian company links the app to a headset that tracks electrical activity in the forehead region of the head to monitor the stress of a person and the benefit of calming activities like yoga and meditation. A graph in the app displays the quality of the meditation session in real time. As the equality improves a candle representation glows brighter to indicate better meditation capabilities by tapping into the electrical brainwaves and displaying the results on the phone or tablet screen with the transcend app.

App development is now focused on new games to create awareness and new methods to improve the human mind and body. Inclined towards the improvement of the human race both environmentally and physically , apps now focus on vital stats like heartbeats, pulse, blood pressure and until recently the obscure brain wave area to get a handle on the stress a person is suffering from.

Complimenting the app will be a number of headsets to measure different aspects of brain activity and soon the human mind will be unveiled through an app! There is no news yet from the Canadian company where they plan to release this app, Android or iOS, but we can be sure this will become a bestseller once it hits app markets.

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