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Toy Story Smash It comes to Google Play

Toy Story Smash It for Android

Toy Story, for sure, is one of the best animated movie series of all time. I am pretty sure that as children, almost all of us have watched and loved the movie so much that we can watch the whole series all over again for many number of times, each movie in the series played back to back. I am so tempted by just the mention of the movie here that after finishing writing this, I am pretty sure I will end up watching one of the movies in the series. Anyway, for fans like me, there is a good news.

The Disney game design house has brought the popular cast from the movie to our Android devices today, by releasing the game Toy Story Smash It on the Android Play Store. If you are a fan of the game genre such as Angry Birds, you are going to like this one for sure. The game is a physics based puzzle game in 3D which will give you the impression that the Angry Birds has been played back here with the cast of the movie Toy Story.

The game features popular characters from the movie such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and a few others. The game basically has four major features of the game. The first feature you need to check out will be the Block Breaking puzzle game, which is very similar to Angry Birds. In this mode, you will be throwing a set of unique bouncing balls which get specific power ups at the aliens and their defenses to knock them out.

The next feature is kind of more glamorous, animatic, filmy, the 4 imaginative episodes. In this mode, you will be making a journey to, as Buzz Lightyear says, “To Infinity… and beyond!” You will be responsible of stopping the evil Zurg, catch bandits who are not from this world, and more when you are in space.

The next feature is that the game has 60 awesome and challenging levels. You need to make highest scores in each level (just to make yourself feel happy), and will have to break through a variety of barriers. And each level puts forward a challenge of its own. And if you are not satisfied with your performance in a particular level, you can replay it any number of times to get the three stars, and you earn achievements with this.

Interested? Well then, what are you waiting for? The game in available on the Google Play Store for $1. But before that, check out the official trailer below to know more about the game.

Source: Android Authority

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