Touchless technology to lend a new impetus to Apple’s iOS

With Samsung’s latest phone to be released with new Smart Scroll technology based on zero contact interface control, touch is now passé. Soon, phones will be heading to a new era of swipe and scroll with absolutely no contact from the user. The blink of an eye or the swish of a finger can now launch cameras, book readers, video players and more.

point2Touchless gesture is all set to hit Apple phones after making a premiere on Windows 8 and Android platforms. What is surprising is that the technology took quite a while to come to the iOS given that Apple has one of the larger consumer bases in the world. PointGrab, maker of touchless technology can control onscreen activities with a simple wave of the hand and will soon customize the technology to work on Apple devices like the iPod, iPad and iPhone. A very minimal and rudimentary implementation is currently available but PointGrab is working on adding new features and enhancements.

PointGrab is not limited to Apple but works across platforms and devices. The technology on any OS   detects movement up to a distance of as far as 17 feet.  Using touchless technology, users can perform actions like adjust volume control, change channels, select icons and mute the device. This hot new technology is now coming to the iOS. Apple’s own features coupled with the touchless interface from PointGrab will make the phone a formidable competitor in markets.

Advances made in the field of UI are stupendous heralding a new era of phones based purely on thought and gestures!


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