Touch takes on a new meaning with the Fingertip chip from STMicroelectronics

Ground Breaking technology unveiled at the Mobile World Congress this year! Chipmaker STMicroelectronics has designed new technology to allow users to operate touch phones without actually touching the phones, thus eliminating messy prints on the touch screen of a tablet or a Smartphone.

The touch phones are the existing models; it is only the controller chip that is modified to recognize gestures as far as 2 inches away. You can swipe, drag, prod and prick at a distance and your phone still obeys you every move. How the chip works is by sensing the electrical field around the tablet or phone. If there is any interference in the field, it is recognized as a touch and corresponding action is taken. The signal to noise ratio and high sensitivity is required to make this technology work.

Although this new method of input takes some getting used to, it is well worth the effort invested in learning how to interact with the device. A couple of iterations and enhancements will perfect the fing2technology which is currently in the nascent stage.

STMicroelectronics will soon be manufacturing chips for phone and tablet triumvirate Sony, Samsung and Apple. Combined with the advanced technology like Siri and S Voice already featured in these phones, the fingertip-iOS or Android combination will usher in a new era of devices.

The chip called “fingertip” can sense a stylus, pencil or finger wrapped in material as thick as a ski glove. Remarkable technologies from STMicroelectronics, this will soon make its way into the newer tablets and phones.

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