The Tweetbook proposal

The TweetBook Proposal

There is nothing like one awesome proposal in your life, no matter if you are giving it, or if you are at the receiving end of that awesome moment in your life. There have been really beautiful and world famous proposals, and each and every proposal that has happened on the face of the world till now is equally important, but if you document it so that you can watch it later, or make it go viral on modern social media, it would be even better.

And we are going to watch one such awesome proposal today, one that is really well documented and one which will for sure make you smile (or even cry as a few people with me did), after watching this video made by Jon Park for the love of his life, Genevieve Wong. The two are from the tech industry, and therefore, this video has already made a good amount of people smile or cry in the San Francisco tech industry by the time you are reading this article.

The hero in the video, Jon Park, is a Facebook employee, and the beautiful girl, Genevieve Wong, is a Twitter employee, and this video shows how Jon Park has planned to propose the girl and how he succeeds in it. Now, let’s see the bigger picture here.

This may not be the first time someone has used social media for this purpose. I am pretty sure that people have come up with really good ideas to propose on social networks. As a matter of fact, I once proposed a girl on WhatsApp using only the provided emoticons. If I think of it now, it was pretty lame, may be that was the reason she rejected it with one of her own emoticons. Anyway, for people who argue that social media is bad for the society because of all the “parent advisory needed” material it possesses, you need to watch this short movie and considered yourself proved wrong. This is one of the many examples to show that social media can be a media for getting things right in your life, for getting one of the best moments of your life come true, for expressing love, and much more. Watch the video below, without fail.

Source: Tech Crunch

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