The Smart Wake N Shake Alarm System for a Sure Awakening

If you have ever dreamt of never to be late again due to oversleep, here is your guardian angel that will ensure that you have woke up and prepared wide eyed. Because the Wake N Shake alarm system as suggested by its name requires you to wake up and give a mighty shake to any of your iDevices for the alarm to stop. The shaking of the iPhone/iPad/iPod will allow the red bar to touch the top of the display and stop the alarm.

The distinctive feature of this alarm system is that you can set up the alarm mode as per you sleep pattern. The application caters for every sort of sleepers – from the easy to wake up ones to the medium grumbling ones and even those who love to sleep like a log detached from all the happenings around. So as appropriate, the short little rhythm of Milk Shake” or “Piñata” shake setting will ensure those to wake up who does not need to be nudged vigorously. A little shake of 6/7 times is fair enough to stop the alarm. However for the heavy sleepers, the “Cold Shower” or “Dream Killer” shake settings will be enough as they require more and harder shakings. But unforgiving is the “Merciless” shake setting that comes without an opportunity to snooze.

wake2The interesting Wake N Shake alarm system app comes with its own selection of sound effects i.e. the bombarding ‘Private Ryan’, the maddening ‘Squeaky Toy’, or the malevolent “Evil Laugh’ though you can also select songs from your own music library. Integrated with Facebook, the app is enough fun to play along with other Wake N Shake app users by competing in a quest of points for timely awaking; eventually becoming the wake-up king or queen of the week. With this useful app, being late for any sort of appointment will forever be a history.


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