The Secrets Behind Android Freeze Hack

android hack freezeRegardless of how shocking that sounds, it is the ultimate truth. By simply freezing your Android device, it is now possible to unblock it! This kind of information might not seem that much enticing to the ears of an ordinary user but trust me, hackers are having something to smile about. The authorities also have something to look out for as this technique can be used to reveal some concealed information in the devices. It is just amazing how technology can be used to change the lives of many.

The research paper which was dubbed FROST i.e. Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones was conducted by Tilo Muller, Michael Spreitzenbarth and Felix Freiling researchers at Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany. They exposed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to very cold temperatures of –10 degrees Celsius and discovered that the security encryptions of the handset could be easily bypassed. Before you begin the decryption process you need to freeze the Android device for about an hour, pull it out of the freezer and quickly remove and place back the battery while trying to reboot the phone. The idea here is that, once the phone is frozen, data in the ROM will take a little bit longer before it disappears. The data is then easily accessed by performing the above process.

The researchers claimed that they resorted to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus because the Smartphone was the first to embrace the version 4.0 of Android’s encryption disk. With their findings, they believe that the rest of the Android devices are also vulnerable to the same trick. This trick has been used before but has never been tested with Smartphones. Laptops and desktops were amongst the first gadgets to be unblocked using the technique. Since Smartphones by extension are just like the PCs, Tilo said that they thought it would also work and were more than glad it did work.

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