The Play Store may be getting a new section soon

Google News section on Android Play Store

If you are a fan of Google’s awesome Android Play Store, then you would be thrilled to know that the company is working on adding a new section to the Google Play Store. We already have apps, music, movies, games, books, magazines, and devices. So what can the search engine giant possibly add to this? You might ask, and the answer is News. Yes, since the company already has magazines, it would be just logical to have a News section as well.

And I’m not just guessing this, there is proof. The web version of the Google Play Store has the mention of the new and still unofficial News section in the Google Play Store. The web version of the Google Play has the following description of Google News in it:

To read Google Play News, you must have a supported Android phone or tabletPlease sign in to get this News edition.

Please sign in to purchase this News Issue.

Please sign in to purchase this News Edition Subscription.

Subscribing you to this news edition…

You have subscribed to this news edition. It is now available on your device.

And as you can see, you will be able to purchase just an issue, or purchase a subscription to your favorite News source available on the Google Play Store. And next, we need to talk about the color of this new News section on the Google Play Store. We know that the company has given each of the sections of the Google Play Store, a different color, and there are as follows:

Music (orange), TV & Movies (red), Apps (green), Books (blue), Magazines (purple), and Devices (slate)

So, what will it be for the News section of Google Play Store? Well, according to rumors again, the company has given the News section the yellow color. And according to the same sources, the News section will be kept under the covers until the Google I/O event.

Source: Phone Arena