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The Phoenix Has Risen: Blackberry Offers Its Z10 Smartphone Here In the United States

Blackberry Z10

[Photo Credit: BGR]

Blackberry, formerly known as Research in Motion (RIM), introduced its new BB Z10 just two months ago (January 2013) in an attempt to revive the dying company. The company changed its name to BlackBerry at the time in order to give the company a new image and revive its customer base. BlackBerry’s were popular phones up until around the last few years –when consumers became enamored with Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones. While the company hung on to its keyboard cell phones, other companies started manufacturing phones with virtual keyboards and touchscreens. Left out of the loop, BB finally decided to give in to the new touchscreen revolution led by the Apple Corporation and convert its beloved BB phone line into touchscreen beauties.

So far, all has gone well. In Canada, the BB Z10 has outsold the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3. Tech analysts made fun of BB’s Canada success — suggesting that BB will have to do more than just sell record phones in Canada in order to convince consumers that its newest smartphone is worth buying.

A recent study debuted within the last month that stated that there are a large number of individuals who have left both iOS and Android and are looking for a replacement OS. Where are they turning? To BlackBerry’s new Z10. The BB Z10, similar to Windows smartphones, are the coolest new gadgets that are turning many users from Apple’s iPhone collection. Why? The simple fact is that Apple has spent the last six years tweaking its OS and making small-scale changes, while Microsoft, Nokia, and other Windows manufacturers (along with RIM) have made dramatic changes to its phone line.

Now, BB has unleashed its Z10 in the United States as of this past Friday. The smartphone has been available at T-Mobile’s MVNO Solavei for approximately $710 and up. Now, however, T-Mobile has the BB Z10 available for pre-order. The price? Due to T-Mobile’s new uncarrier agreements, the BB Z10 can be yours for a whopping $799.99. For AT&T and Verizon Wireless, two of the big carriers, you can get the Z10 for just $200 on a two-year contract (new agreement will be required). If you have one more year left on your current contract, you may want to ride out your current contract instead of paying an ETF (early termination fee) of $350 and then paying an additional $200 (or $800, if you acquire it through T-Mobile).

The BB Z10 comes with the following features and specs:

* 1.5Ghz, dual-core processor
* 2GB Random Access Memory (RAM)
* 16GB internal memory storage (plus a microSD card slot)
* 2-megapixel, front-facing camera
* 8-megapixel, rear-facing camera
* 4G LTE
* NFC (near field communication)
* OS: Blackberry 10
* 4.2-inch display
* 1280 x 768 screen resolution (356ppi)

The 2-megapixel, front-facing camera and 8-megapixel rear-facing camera make the phone a mixture of latest and recent specs. The 2GB of RAM makes this phone a beast. The 16GB of internal memory storage plus a microSD card slot means that you will get enough storage to store documents, photos, and videos with the new smartphone. Add 4G LTE and NFC, you have an excellent smartphone available for purchase. The screen resolution is another plus for the Z10, since the Z10’s resolution is sharper than the iPhone 5!

Solavei once sold the phone for $999, although the company has since dropped the price to under $800. This means that your most tempting option may be to purchase the phone through a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) such as Solavei if you want to save an extra $50-$100 or more. Still, the specs and features of the BB Z10 place the smartphone with the likes of Apple’s iPhone 5, Windows 8, and Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It turns out that the new BB Z10 provides a great experience for someone who is looking for something new. You will enjoy the experience if you are not a person who is big on apps; currently, BB only has 100,000 apps available for its Z10 — a pebble of an App Store when compared with the likes of Apple and Google (~700,000 apps).

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