The Internet Envisioned As A Medium Between Interspecies Communication

Cerf's presentation at TED. [Photo by: The Verge]
Cerf’s presentation at TED. [Photo by: The Verge]
The time of interspecies communication may have finally dawned upon us after Vint Cerf, widely regarded as one of the “fathers of the Internet”, proposed during the TED conference a revolutionary platform called “Interspecies Internet” that will allow humans to communicate with animals and even “aliens.”

According to a report from CNET, Cerf has a “vision” of the Internet being used one day to communicate with other species. No longer will the Internet be confined to just speaking with another human being. Cerf’s vision, if it comes true, will allow us to communicate with our dogs, cats and other pets. That means I can finally know what my dog wants when he barks at me in the middle of the night. This is definitely awesome, if you can wrap the idea around your head.

The same report said that Cerf has tapped the minds of musician Peter Gabriel, MIT physicist Neil Gershenfeld and cognitive psychologist Diana Reiss to propose the said Interspecies Internet. According to The Verge, Cerf told the audience at the TED conference that since all sentient beings can be interconnected, the future of communicating with other species may not be far off the grid.

Over the years, there were a lot of stories regarding the ability of people now to communicate with other species using technology. In fact, a Miami zoo uses the iPad to “talk” to orangutans, reports said. Other species that we have used communicating devices with are dolphins and elephants. It makes me wonder when such an experiment can be tested on dogs. I have always believed that dogs understand us better than any other species out there.

Such stories have led many people to believe that there will soon be a time that we will be able to communicate with other species through technology. Another thing that Cerf was adamant will happen is the “Interplanetary Internet.” He said that in the future, an ability for communication between planets, satellites, asteroids, robotic spacecraft and crewed vehicles will come into fruition.

Cerf also said that what humans will learn from interacting with other species will ultimately teach us the things we need to learn to be able to communicate with “aliens” in the future.

Separating Facts from Fiction

If what Cerf said was true, then that’s a technology I want to see come into being. It’s not really that impossible. A little over a decade ago, would you have imagined the kind of technology we have now? Technology is relentless and boundless. Scientists have discovered ways to make people see and talk to each other even if they are thousands of miles apart, why wouldn’t they discover a way for us to communicate with other species?

However, the main contention on Cerf’s so-called vision of interspecies communication is the fact that he mentioned aliens. Sure, we can probably communicate with animals in the future, but how about aliens? For one, aliens have never actually been proven to exist. And two, even if they did, I don’t think they want humans testing their brains and attaching weird electronic devices in it so that they can communicate with those on Earth. When it comes to science and technology, there’s really that fine line that separates fact and fiction.

Source: CNET

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